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Updates for opsi 4.2 in testing

Verfasst: 20 Jun 2022, 18:50
von j.werner
Dear opsi user,

with this release we have published new packages for opsi 4.2 in testing.

opsi-script Contains new features in the area of ​​file handling (e.g. TOML support, patches/files sections), web service (e.g. openssl 1.1.1 under Windows), registry functions, local functions and several bug fixes.

With kind regards
Jan Werner

Updated packages in opsi 4.2 testing
localboot packages Windows:
* opsi-script (
* opsi-winst (

localboot packages Linux:
* opsi-script (

localboot packages Mac:
* opsi-script (

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opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * powershellCall [W]: execution of powershellcall with powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass

-- j.werner <> 09 June 2022

opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * webservice [M]: fix on openssl. Openssl units from opsi-script did not work correctly on MacOS.
    * files section [W/L/M]: handle division by zero if files to zip are empty
    * powershellCall [W]: correction for powershellcall without assignment 

-- j.werner <> 09 June 2022

opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * Patches section [W]: support %userprofiledir% inside of patches section. 
    * Files section [L]: Command CHMOD with mode formats 'ugo=+-rwx' and '-rwxrwxrwx' 
        and with parameter '/AllSubFiles'. 
    * functions for TOML files handling [W/L/M]:
        LoadTOMLFile(<TOMLfilePath>): StringList,
        GetTOMLAsStringList(<TOMLcontents>): StringList,
        GetTOMLKeys(<TOMLcontents>): StringList,
        GetTOMLTableNames(<TOMLcontents): StringList,
        GetTOMLTable(<TOMLcontents>, <table>): StringList,
        ReadTOMLFile (<TOMLfilePath>): String, 
        GetTOMLAsString(<TOMLcontents>): String,
        GetTOMLTableAsString(<TOMLcontents>, <table>): String,
        GetValueFromTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <keyPath>, <defaultValue>): String,
        ModifyTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <command>, <keyPath>, <value>): String,
        DeleteTableFromTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <tablePath>): String,
        ConvertTOMLtoJSON(<TOMLcontents>): String,
        SaveToTOMLFile (<TOMLcontents>, <TOMLfilePath>) : boolean,
        ConvertTOMLfileToJSONfile(<TOMLfilePath>, <JSONfilePath>): boolean.
    * GetRegistry functions [W]: 
        getRegistryKeyList(<regkey>, <access str>), 
        getRegistryVarList(<regkey>, <access str>), 
        getRegistryVarMap(<regkey>, <access str>). 
    * defined functions [W/L/M]: support string concatenation in call of defined functions.
    * openssl [W]: update openssl on Windows to version 1.1.1n.
    * webservice [W/L/M]: improved debugging and error handling.
    * getWinProcessList [W]: use wincp2utf8 to reencode results.

    * PowershellCall [W]: now shows output also for piped commands e.g. powershellCall("Get-hotfix | Select HotfixId"). 
        Neverthless be carefull using piped commands in powershellCall! 
    * Files section [W/L/M]: "del" now works with wildcards.
    * Registry section [W]: "deletekey" now handles umlauts correctly.
    * Comment [W/L/M]: Syntax errors in comments were ignored so far, now they will throw a syntax error.
    * isProcessChildOf [W/L/M]: avoiding of an endless loop (hanging) which might occur under certain circumstances.
    * sub <file name> [W/L/M]: spaces in front of the lines of a sub file will not be removed any more
    	(so that e.g. python code in an ExecWith section keeps its syntax).
    * opsiservicecall [W/L/M]: support newline and tab.
    * oswebservice: correct detection of opsi 4.0/4.1 (necessary for establishing the connection)
-- j.werner <> 25 Mai 2022