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Updates für opsi 4.2 in testing

Verfasst: 20 Jun 2022, 18:48
von j.werner
Sehr geehrte opsi-Anwenderinnen und -Anwender,

mit diesem Release haben wir neue Pakete für opsi 4.2 in testing veröffentlicht.

opsi-script Enthält Neuerungen im Bereich Filehandling (z.B.: TOML Support, Patches/Files Sektionen), Webservice (z.B.: openssl 1.1.1 unter Windows), Registry Funktionen, Lokale Funktionen und mehrere Bugfixes.

Aktualisierte Pakete in opsi 4.2 testing:
localboot Pakete Windows:
* opsi-script (
* opsi-winst (

localboot Pakete Linux:
* opsi-script (

localboot Pakete Mac:
* opsi-script (

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jan Werner

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opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * powershellCall [W]: execution of powershellcall with powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass

-- j.werner <> 09 June 2022

opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * webservice [M]: fix on openssl. Openssl units from opsi-script did not work correctly on MacOS.
    * files section [W/L/M]: handle division by zero if files to zip are empty
    * powershellCall [W]: correction for powershellcall without assignment 

-- j.werner <> 09 June 2022

opsi-script ( urgency=low

    * Patches section [W]: support %userprofiledir% inside of patches section. 
    * Files section [L]: Command CHMOD with mode formats 'ugo=+-rwx' and '-rwxrwxrwx' 
        and with parameter '/AllSubFiles'. 
    * functions for TOML files handling [W/L/M]:
        LoadTOMLFile(<TOMLfilePath>): StringList,
        GetTOMLAsStringList(<TOMLcontents>): StringList,
        GetTOMLKeys(<TOMLcontents>): StringList,
        GetTOMLTableNames(<TOMLcontents): StringList,
        GetTOMLTable(<TOMLcontents>, <table>): StringList,
        ReadTOMLFile (<TOMLfilePath>): String, 
        GetTOMLAsString(<TOMLcontents>): String,
        GetTOMLTableAsString(<TOMLcontents>, <table>): String,
        GetValueFromTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <keyPath>, <defaultValue>): String,
        ModifyTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <command>, <keyPath>, <value>): String,
        DeleteTableFromTOML(<TOMLcontents>, <tablePath>): String,
        ConvertTOMLtoJSON(<TOMLcontents>): String,
        SaveToTOMLFile (<TOMLcontents>, <TOMLfilePath>) : boolean,
        ConvertTOMLfileToJSONfile(<TOMLfilePath>, <JSONfilePath>): boolean.
    * GetRegistry functions [W]: 
        getRegistryKeyList(<regkey>, <access str>), 
        getRegistryVarList(<regkey>, <access str>), 
        getRegistryVarMap(<regkey>, <access str>). 
    * defined functions [W/L/M]: support string concatenation in call of defined functions.
    * openssl [W]: update openssl on Windows to version 1.1.1n.
    * webservice [W/L/M]: improved debugging and error handling.
    * getWinProcessList [W]: use wincp2utf8 to reencode results.

    * PowershellCall [W]: now shows output also for piped commands e.g. powershellCall("Get-hotfix | Select HotfixId"). 
        Neverthless be carefull using piped commands in powershellCall! 
    * Files section [W/L/M]: "del" now works with wildcards.
    * Registry section [W]: "deletekey" now handles umlauts correctly.
    * Comment [W/L/M]: Syntax errors in comments were ignored so far, now they will throw a syntax error.
    * isProcessChildOf [W/L/M]: avoiding of an endless loop (hanging) which might occur under certain circumstances.
    * sub <file name> [W/L/M]: spaces in front of the lines of a sub file will not be removed any more
    	(so that e.g. python code in an ExecWith section keeps its syntax).
    * opsiservicecall [W/L/M]: support newline and tab.
    * oswebservice: correct detection of opsi 4.0/4.1 (necessary for establishing the connection)
-- j.werner <> 25 Mai 2022