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Add multiple clients to interface

Verfasst: 11 Dez 2017, 14:00
von scott
Good afternoon,

I have just setup an OPSI server and now want to add new machines into the interface.
All pcs are going to have Windows 10 installed via OPSI.

I can either add the machines in via the GUI or use the command opsi-admin -d method host_createOpsiClient.

Is there a way to add multiple pcs into the system?


Re: Add multiple clients to interface

Verfasst: 14 Dez 2017, 11:21
von n.wenselowski

if you have many clients to import I'd create a script for this purpose.
This requires to have the information about the clients somewhere in machine readable form.
If you have an AD uib offers a tool for importing.

If it is just a hand full of clients I probably would go with the manual entry through the GUI.

Kind regards