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Prevent opsi-agent from being installed

Verfasst: 06 Sep 2017, 18:11
von ttblum

We'd like to use opsi for unattended Windows installs, but we're still using PDQ Deploy for software deployment.

Is there a way to configure opsi so that it doesn't install the opsi-agent after install?

Re: Prevent opsi-agent from being installed

Verfasst: 06 Sep 2017, 20:02
von uncle_scrooge
When you are sure you never ever will install the agent during OS deployment you can do it the hard way:
to i.e. 50_opsi-client-agent.txt

Drawback is your netboot install stays in running/unknown.
And, if there is a new version of the agent and you run opsi-product-updater chances are that the original file will be in place again.

If someone asks, I've never told you.....

Maybe we can fiddle with a postinst script. Will try tomorrow.

Re: Prevent opsi-agent from being installed

Verfasst: 07 Sep 2017, 19:41
von uncle_scrooge
As promised....

Build a batch file (i.e. 01_block_inst_agent.cmd; leading number must be lower than 50) with content like this

cd c:\tmp\postinst.d
ren 50_opsi-client-agent.cmd 50_opsi-client-agent.txt

and put it in install/<yournetbootproduct>/custom/postinst.d

This way you leave the opsi-agent package untouched.
Drawback is still the state as running/unknown in ConfigEd.
State is set during agent install by a service call. You might check setup.opsiscript inside the agent package. And build the call on your own in a postinst batch.