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Opsi-Clonezilla change language

Verfasst: 18 Mai 2015, 20:42
von cyberfrk
Hi everybody,

Is it possible to change the language when Opsi-Clonezilla is "setuped"?
Bild and Bild

How-to set in french (keyboard include)?

Thanks a lot

Re: Opsi-Clonezilla change language

Verfasst: 19 Mai 2015, 22:32
von SisterOfMercy
Yes, change the files in /tftpboot/linux/pxelinux.cfg/

In, install, install3264 and install-x64 you would want to change the append initrd=bladiblah thing. I do not know if every file needs to be adjusted, it not worth the effort to me.
I always remove the 'quiet' and 'splash' options, so I can see what is going on. On some crappy computers the boot sometimes hangs. A client with multiple network cards hangs a few minutes at a certain point, but will continue after that.

So any append lines in those pxe files look like this:

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append initrd=miniroot.bz2 video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=791 --no-log lang=en service=https://your-opsi-server.domain.tld:4447/rpc

So to change the language to french, you would insert the 'lang=en' parameter ;) :twisted:

Re: Opsi-Clonezilla change language

Verfasst: 20 Mai 2015, 12:04
von cyberfrk
I've got french language and keyboard when host boot PXE (Bild). That's ok.

But what I want to have it's when on Opsi's GUI, Netboot product and Action On Demand, setup to Opsi-Clonezilla (Bild), the txt is in German and english but not in french... Can you try and report the arguments you change to have other language than german&english?

Thks ;)

Re: Opsi-Clonezilla change language

Verfasst: 20 Mai 2015, 18:09
von o.ferre
have you seen this :

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I think you got to modify the file /etc/init.d/opsi in the miniroot.bz2 in /tftpboot


Re: Opsi-Clonezilla change language

Verfasst: 20 Mai 2015, 21:22
von cyberfrk
Thks for the tips. Now, the keyboard and the 1st screen ( ... german.png) are in french but the text is always in english on the 2nd ( ... nglish.png). :(