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Remote Control Opsi

Verfasst: 30 Apr 2014, 14:26
von loggenk

Here we (still) use Zenworks from Novell. Since we migrate to ad very soon, Opsi will be the substitute for ZCM. I think in 95% Opsi is much better (and its cheaper!). Hoewever, a nice option in ZCM is Remote Control.
Isn't it possible to integrate a remote tool in Opsi?
I know I can use Teamviewer, but i think its easier to use an integrated remotre control tool!

Re: Remote Control Opsi

Verfasst: 30 Apr 2014, 14:47
von n.wenselowski
Hello loggenk,

we offer an easy way to start custom remote control software.
Please have a look at the manual, look for Call external remote control tools for selected clients.

When configured select the client you want to work with and press space.

With kind regards


Re: Remote Control Opsi

Verfasst: 31 Dez 2014, 00:28
von SisterOfMercy
Well, OPSI isn't better compared to novell shite when it comes to one thing: crashing! :D
Man, that Conso-Leone stuff sucked donkeyballs! I'm so glad I don't have to work with that novell shite any more.

Does anybody know of any good remote control software? Remote Desktops works well, but that takes the entire session. VNC is quite slow (because it works on a lower level), and today I was messing with tigerVNC on a LAN. It wasn't very quick and connections to a client on the WLAN kept disconnecting. Might be the VNC server or the network, but Remote Desktop does work correctly on the WLAN.