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opsi4ARM is official

Verfasst: 08 Mär 2018, 11:14
von m.radtke
Dear opsi users,

yesterday at the first opsi conference we presented our opsi4ARM results. In addition we released the packages, that are maintained with the default opsi 4.1 packages.

Debian 8 and 9 are the supported distributions. The debian 8 packages are hosted by us as the OpenSUSE Buildservice doesn't support Debian 8 ARM package builds. Debian 9 however is build on the official OpenSUSE Buildservice.

The installation on ARM boards works in the same way as a default opsi installation.
We did perform tests on BananaPi M2 Ultra, an Odroid XU4 and a Raspberry Pi 3.
Other ARMv7 boards should work, but aren't tested.

We release the packages in the testing state. We can't test our packages as we do on x86 and x64 arch systems.

Here are the repositories

Code: Alles auswählen

Please be cautious when calling the repository in a browser. Our server by default redirects all HTTP to HTTPS. Apt accesses arent redirected and work as usual.