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Line 56: Line 56:
  comment "Copy files"  comment "Copy files"
  Files_install  Files_install
- comment "temporäres Zertifikat für Treiber hinzufügen"+ comment "temp trusted cert for driver install"
  Winbatch_addcert  Winbatch_addcert
  comment "Start setup program"​  comment "Start setup program"​
  Winbatch_install  Winbatch_install
  Sub_check_exitcode  Sub_check_exitcode
- comment "temporäres Zertifikat entfernen und cert-Ordner löschen"+ comment "delete temp cert"
  Winbatch_delcert  Winbatch_delcert
  Files_loeschen  Files_loeschen
- comment "Patch Registry"​ 
- Registry_install 
  comment "​Create shortcuts"​  comment "​Create shortcuts"​
Line 89: Line 86:
 [Files_loeschen] [Files_loeschen]
 delete -sf "​c:​\cert"​ delete -sf "​c:​\cert"​
-; Example of setting some values of an registry key: 
 [LinkFolder_install] [LinkFolder_install]

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