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 DefaultScale=1 DefaultScale=1
 UseDSMPlugin=0 UseDSMPlugin=0
-DSMPlugin=Pfad zum DSM Plugin +DSMPlugin=path to DSM Plugin 
-DSMPluginConfig=Konfiguration ​DSM Plugin+DSMPluginConfig=configuration ​DSM Plugin
 primary=1  primary=1
 secondary=0  secondary=0
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== Steps ==== ==== Steps ====
-  - here you enter special steps, if needed. ​Explain it wellso an opsi-beginner can do it+  - install ultravnc server and config it like needed 
-  - step two+  - run the exe with the command "​UltraVNC-101-Setup.exe /​saveinf=c:​\someconfigfile.inf" ​this will save the main  config file to a path of your choosing.  
 +  - copy the ultravnc.ini of your installation path and edit it like needed
   - step three   - step three
   - ...   - ...

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