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PuTTY 0.62

Scripts and Guide by Soren Birk

This guide is for PuTTY 0.62.

PuTTY normally saves its sessions to the Registry, but there are too many registry keys to create them directly in the script.

I have therefor downloaded PuTTY Portable from so i can create some pre-configured sessions.

You need to add some product properties to the control-file, before you can select the configs in opsi-configed.

Tested with:

  • OPSI
  • Winst
  • Windows 7, 32 and 64Bit


  • First download putty.exe from this homepage, and then copy it to a folder called “PuTTY_noconf” under CLIENT_DATA.
  • Sessions are stored in the Registry, but has a ton of keys, so instead we use PuTTY-portable for the configured versions (download here).
  • Extract to a folder on the desktop - then browse to the subfolder \App\AppInfo\Launcher and delete the “splash.jpg”.
  • Copy, Paste the folder for as many configs as you want (PuTTY_conf1, _conf2 and so on). Open the PuTTY for the respective folder, and create your saved sessions.
  • Afterwards copy all the PuTTY_confx folders to CLIENT_DATA.


  ├ setup32.ins
  ├ uninstall32.ins
  ├ delsub32.ins
  ├ puttylogo.png
  ├ PuTTY_noconf
  │ └ putty.exe
  ├ PuTTY_conf1
  │ ├ App
  │ ├ Data
  │ ├ Other
  │ └ PuTTYPortable.exe
  └ PuTTY_conf2
    └ <same folder-structure as PuTTY_conf1>

Control file







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