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Line 40: Line 40:
 DefVar $UserGroup$ DefVar $UserGroup$
 DefVar $date_tomorrow$ DefVar $date_tomorrow$
 +DefVar $pwd_expires$
 DefStringlist $ResultList$ DefStringlist $ResultList$
Line 97: Line 98:
 else else
  DosInAnIcon_expires_tomorrow  DosInAnIcon_expires_tomorrow
 +if $pwd_expires$ = "​never"​
 +        DosInAnIcon_pwd_expires_never
 endif endif
Line 119: Line 124:
 comment "​description:​ expires"​ comment "​description:​ expires"​
 set $val_expires$ = GetProductProperty("​val_expires",​ "​tomorrow"​) set $val_expires$ = GetProductProperty("​val_expires",​ "​tomorrow"​)
 +comment "​pwd_expires"​
 +comment "​description:​ pwd expires"​
 +set $pwd_expires$ = GetProductProperty("​pwd_expires",​ "​never"​)
 [DosInAnIcon_checkuser] [DosInAnIcon_checkuser]
Line 153: Line 162:
 [DosInAnIcon_expires_never] [DosInAnIcon_expires_never]
-;NET USER $local_user$ /​expires:​never+NET USER $local_user$ /​expires:​never 
 ; Fix siehe: https://​forum.opsi.org/​viewtopic.php?​f=5&​t=7326 ; Fix siehe: https://​forum.opsi.org/​viewtopic.php?​f=5&​t=7326
 wmic useraccount where name='​$local_user$'​ set PasswordExpires=FALSE wmic useraccount where name='​$local_user$'​ set PasswordExpires=FALSE
Line 322: Line 333:
 values: ["​never",​ "​tomorrow"​] values: ["​never",​ "​tomorrow"​]
 default: ["​tomorrow"​] default: ["​tomorrow"​]
 +type: unicode
 +name: pwd_expires
 +multivalue: False
 +editable: True
 +description:​ Expires
 +values: ["​never",​ "​policy"​]
 +default: ["​never"​]
 </​code>​ </​code>​

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