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 Tested with opsi 4.0.1\\ Tested with opsi 4.0.1\\
 requiredWinstVersion >=\\ requiredWinstVersion >=\\
-Files can be downloaded at http://​www.irfanview.de/​+Files can be downloaded at http://​www.irfanview.com/ 
 +By //​[[thomas.heinrich@polizei.berlin.de|Thomas_H]] 2011/10/27 16:15// 
 +Last Check:\\ 
 +By //​[[thomas.heinrich@polizei.berlin.de|Thomas_H]] 2019/05/14 12:10//
-By //​[[hungerharke@gmx.de|Thomas_H]] 2011/10/27 16:15// 
 Tree:\\ Tree:\\
-delsub.ins\\ +├ delsub.ins\\ 
-i_view32.ini\\ +├ i_view32.ini\\ 
-irfanview.jpg\\ +├ irfanview.jpg\\ 
-irfanview_plugins_4x_setup.exe\\ +├ irfanview_plugins_4x_setup.exe\\ 
-iview4x_setup.exe\\ +├ iview4x_setup.exe\\ 
-setup.ins\\ +├ setup.ins\\ 
-uninstall.ins+└ uninstall.ins
   - Download the actual IrfanView-Version   - Download the actual IrfanView-Version
Line 136: Line 140:
                 endif                 endif
                 comment "​Copying ini-File..."​                 comment "​Copying ini-File..."​
-                ​Files_install_32+                ​Files_install_64
                 Sub_check_exitcode                 Sub_check_exitcode
         endif         endif

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