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 ghostscript is needed, so make a dependency \\ ghostscript is needed, so make a dependency \\
-Full package: ​https://​download.uib.de/​opsi4.0/​products/​contribute/​full-package/​freepdf_4.06-2.opsi+Full package: ​http://​download.uib.de/​opsi4.0/​products/​contribute/​full-package/​
 ==== setup.ins ==== ==== setup.ins ====
Line 143: Line 143:
 [Winbatch_uninstall] [Winbatch_uninstall]
-"​$InstallDir$\fpsetup.exe"​ /r+"​$InstallDir$\fpsetup.exe"​ /r /qn
 [Winbatch_uninstall_msi] [Winbatch_uninstall_msi]

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