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 CLIENT_DATA\Uninstall_Java.exe\\ CLIENT_DATA\Uninstall_Java.exe\\
 CLIENT_DATA\java.png\\ CLIENT_DATA\java.png\\
 +==== control ====
 +version: 2014.12.08
 +depends: ​
 +incremental:​ False
 +type: localboot
 +id: javavm
 +name: Oracle Java Runtime Environment
 +description:​ Java 7
 +advice: ​
 +version: 0
 +priority: 0
 +licenseRequired:​ False
 +productClasses:​ jre
 +setupScript:​ javavm.ins
 +uninstallScript:​ deljvm.ins
 +updateScript: ​
 +alwaysScript: ​
 +onceScript: ​
 +customScript: ​
 +userLoginScript: ​
 +type: unicode
 +name: install_architecture
 +multivalue: False
 +editable: False
 +description:​ which architecture (32/64 bit) has to be installed
 +values: ["32 only", "64 only", "​both",​ "​system specific"​]
 +default: ["​both"​]
 +type: unicode
 +name: javaversion
 +multivalue: False
 +editable: False
 +description:​ which version has to be installed (JRE 1.6.x or JRE 7 = 1.7.x)
 +values: ["​jre6",​ "​jre7"​]
 +default: ["​jre7"​]
 ==== CopyFolder.exe / CopyFolder.au3 ==== ==== CopyFolder.exe / CopyFolder.au3 ====

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