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 +Created by --- //​[[hungerharke@gmx.de|Thomas_H]] 2014/06/27 11:19//
 +====== Integrating AVG-Antivirus-Start-CD for checking your Client on Viruses ======
 +This Article describes a manual installation. Feel free to add a link to an *.opsi-packet.
 +You can find the Rescue-CD at http://​www.avg.com/​de-de/​avg-rescue-cd-download
 +Create a folder named "​avg"​ in /​tftpboot/​linux/​ \\
 +and copy some files from the CD from folder /isolinux to the folder /​tftpboot/​linux/​avg
 +Maybe, one or two of these files are not needed, but the following functioned well, so I saw no reasons to check it out.
 +Tree of /​tftpboot/​linux/​avg:​\\
 +Add to /​tftpboot/​linux/​pxelinux.cfg the following
 +label avg-rettungsdisk
 +  menu label Starte ^avg-Rettungssystem
 +  text help
 +                         ​Starte AVG-Rettungssystem
 +  endtext
 +  menu passwd MyPass
 +  kernel avg/vmlinuz
 +  append initrd=avg/​initrd.lzm
 +That's all. 

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