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 Script by Opsi.Simi Script by Opsi.Simi
 Comments and improvements welcome ​ Comments and improvements welcome ​
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 OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\JSPrefs] OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\JSPrefs]
 Set "​bEnableJS"​ = REG_DWORD:​0x00000000 Set "​bEnableJS"​ = REG_DWORD:​0x00000000
 +==== Uninstall.ins ====
 +<code winst>
 +;Standard Text, shown during installation
 +Message = Bitte warten, das Produkt wird deinstalliert
 +;Set Loglevel
 +setLogLevel = 6
 +;Stop when errors
 +ExitOnError = false
 +;Syntax Fehler are shown in a seperate window
 +ScriptErrorMessages = on
 +;Do not use Single-Step Mode
 +TraceMode = off
 +;No winst-window in foreground while batchmode
 +StayOnTop = false
 +;Name of product (max. 12 columns)
 +DefVar $ProductName$
 +Set $ProductName$ = "Adobe Reader XI"
 +;filename of productpicture with extension
 +DefVar $ProductPicture$
 +Set $ProductPicture$ = "​pdf-logo.jpg"​
 +;the variable for the ExitCode
 +DefVar $ExitCode$
 +;show $ProductPicture$ and $ProductName$
 +ShowBitmap /3 "​%scriptpath%\"​ + $ProductPicture$ $ProductName$
 +sub "​%ScriptPath%\delsub.ins"​
 </​code>​ </​code>​

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