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 Script by Opsi.Simi Script by Opsi.Simi
 Comments and improvements welcome ​ Comments and improvements welcome ​
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 **Setup.ins** **Setup.ins**
 +==== Install.ins ====
 +<code winst>
 +;Standard Text, shown during installation
 +Message = Bitte warten, das Produkt wird installiert
 +;Set Loglevel
 +setLogLevel = 6
 +;Stop when errors
 +ExitOnError = false
 +;Syntax Error are shown in a seperate window
 +ScriptErrorMessages = on
 +;Do not use Single-Step Mode
 +TraceMode = off
 +;No winst-window in foreground while batchmode
 +StayOnTop = false
 +;Variable for the OS
 +DefVar $OS$
 +set $OS$ = GetOS
 +;Variable for the OS-subversion
 +DefVar $NTVersion$
 +set $NTVersion$ = GetNTVersion
 +;Name of product (max. 12 columns)
 +DefVar $ProductName$
 +Set $ProductName$ = "Adobe Reader XI"
 +;filename of productpicture with extension
 +DefVar $ProductPicture$
 +Set $ProductPicture$ = "​AdobeReader.png"​
 +;the variable for the ExitCode
 +DefVar $ExitCode$
 +;complete name of product incl. versionno.
 +DefVar $ProductNameFull1$
 +set $ProductNameFull1$ = "Adobe Reader XI 11.0.0"​
 +DefVar $ProductNameFull2$
 +set $ProductNameFull2$ = "Adobe Reader XI 11.0.06"​
 +;filename of MSI-package which has to be installed
 +DefVar $Executable1$
 +Set $Executable1$ = "​AdbeRdr11000_de_DE.msi"​
 +DefVar $Executable2$
 +Set $Executable2$ = "​AdbeRdr11006_de_DE.exe"​
 +;Check the winst-version
 +requiredWinstVersion >= "​4.11"​
 +;Show installation-message with full productname
 +Message "​Installiere "​+$ProductNameFull1$
 +;show $ProductPicture$ and $ProductName$
 +ShowBitmap /3 "​%scriptpath%\"​ + $ProductPicture$ $ProductName$
 +;check free diskspace
 +if not (HasMinimumSpace ("​%SYSTEMDRIVE%",​ "500 MB"))
 + LogError "Nicht genügend Platz auf %SYSTEMDRIVE%"​
 + isFatalError
 +;Get OS-Version
 +if ( $NTVersion$ = "​Win2K"​ OR $NTVersion$ = "​WinXP"​ OR $NTVersion$ = "Win NT 5.2" OR $NTVersion$ = "​Windows Vista" )
 + Winbatch_Install_Reader
 + sub "​%ScriptDrive%\install\check_exitcode\check_msi-exitcode.ins"​
 + Message "​Installiere "​+$ProductNameFull2$
 + Winbatch_Install_Update1
 + sub "​%ScriptDrive%\install\check_exitcode\check_msi-exitcode.ins"​
 + LinkFolder_Custom
 + Registry_Global /32Bit
 + Registry_User /SysNative /​AllNTUserdats
 + LogError "Kein kompatibles Betriebssystem installiert"​
 + isFatalError
 +msiexec.exe /i "​%SCRIPTPATH%\$Executable1$"​ /qb-! /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES SUPPRESS_APP_LAUNCH=YES
 +"​%SCRIPTPATH%\$Executable2$"​ /sAll /rs /msi EULA_ACCEPT=YES
 +;Delete Desktop-Link
 +set_basefolder common_desktopdirectory
 +set_subfolder ""​
 +delete_element "Adobe Reader XI"
 +;Configure Startmenu
 +set_basefolder common_programs
 +set_subfolder ""​
 +delete_element "Adobe Reader XI"
 +set_subfolder ""​
 +name: $ProductName$
 +target: "​%ProgramFiles32Dir%\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"​
 +working_dir:​ "​%ProgramFiles32Dir%\Adobe\Reader 11.0\"
 +;Deactivate Adobe Updater
 +OpenKey [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM]
 +Set "​iCheck"​=REG_DWORD:​0x00000000
 +;Avoids start of Reader_sl.exe while booting
 +OpenKey [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
 +DeleteVar "Adobe Reader Speed Launcher"​
 +DeleteVar "Adobe ARM"
 +;Avoids splash-screens during start of the reader
 +OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\IPM]
 +Set "​bShowMsgAtLaunch"​=REG_DWORD:​0x00000000
 +;Avoid Splash-Screen
 +OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Originals]
 +Set "​bDisplayAboutDialog"​=REG_DWORD:​0x00000000
 +;Allow only certified Addons
 +OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Originals]
 +Set "​iTrustedMode"​=REG_DWORD:​0x00000001
 +;Set connection-speed to LAN
 +OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\AVGeneral]
 +Set "​iConnectionSpeed"​=REG_DWORD:​0x00989680
 +;deactivate JavaScript
 +OpenKey [Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\JSPrefs]
 +Set "​bEnableJS"​ = REG_DWORD:​0x00000000

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