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 Script by Lars_k \\ Script by Lars_k \\
 (ME_AS: Added Regfile (FileExtensions linked to 7-Zip)) \\ (ME_AS: Added Regfile (FileExtensions linked to 7-Zip)) \\
 +(dominik: Hint for Windows 10)\\
 Tested with opsi 4.0.1 \\  Tested with opsi 4.0.1 \\ 
 Test with W7 32 & 64 Bit \\  Test with W7 32 & 64 Bit \\ 
 The installion-files available Download from : [[http://​www.7-zip.org/​]] \\ The installion-files available Download from : [[http://​www.7-zip.org/​]] \\
 +Update for Windows 10: 
 +if not ( $NTVersioninfo$ >= "​5.1"​ )
 +if CompareDotSeparatedNumbers(GetMsVersionInfo,"​6.0"​) < "​0"​
 +Do that in both scripts!\\
 +You may also want to remove the Variable $NTVersioninfo$ from script.\\
 +This change is required because "​GetMsVersionInfo"​ returns "​10.0"​ (with dot!) when used under win10.\\
 +That is not working with "​greater as", "​smaller as" comparator.\\
 +Minor Bug: File extensions are linked with 7zip, but 7zip does not show that in its options.
 Tree: \\ Tree: \\

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