New stable version opsi 4.1

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New stable version opsi 4.1

Beitragvon n.wenselowski » 28 Feb 2018, 10:55

Dear opsi users,

I am pleased to announce the release of opsi 4.1 as stable version.

Main aspects of this release are:
opsi Server
  • New tftpd: opsi-tftp-hpa
  • New tool: opsi-package-updater
  • Path to the workbench can now be configured
  • The tool opsi-makeproductfile has been renamed to opsi-makepackage
  • The package opsi-depotserver has been renamed to opsi-server
  • Configurable ports for Wake-On-LAN
  • Changed defaults
  • Python version 2.7 required
  • systemd as the sole supported init system

Windows operating system installation (netboot products) (also for opsi 4.0)
  • Multidiskmode: Supports the installation on systems with several hard disks drives
  • Ability to install specifically on the the first SSD tray
  • Assignment of Administrator password via property

New opsi extension which is designed for schools or other kinds of classrooms: opsi-vhd-reset (also for opsi 4.0)
  • Like the already known opsi-local-image extension, opsi-vhd-reset also tackles the issue of fast recoveries on computers between two different training sessions.
  • Installation of a windows 10 into a vhd container
  • Snapshot of the original installation by creating a child vhd, which records any future changes.
  • Fast recovery by replacing the old child vhd by a new empty one.

The opsi packages (non-server packages) included in this release will also be released for opsi 4.0 as stable.
Detailed information about this release can be found in the releasenotes.

The development will from now focus on opsi 4.1.

Will opsi 4.0 still be maintained?
The maintenance of opsi 4.0 will be continued until the end of 2018 and then discontinued.
We recommend all users of opsi 4.0 to change to opsi 4.1.

Will bugs in opsi 4.0 still be fixed?
We are generally trying to fix errors in both opsi 4.0 and opsi 4.1.
If fixing the bug in opsi 4.0 requires an unusually high effort it can lead to the bug being fixed only in opsi 4.1.

Will opsi 4.0 get new features?
It is decided on a per-feature base if the feature will be available in opsi 4.0 aswell.
To get all new features you should change to opsi 4.1.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Niko Wenselowski
opsi support - uib gmbh
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