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ProductProperty on_shutdown_install not found

Verfasst: 19 Mai 2022, 16:36
von Gabriele
Hi opsi-team,

trying to figure out why the "on shutdown install" function sometimes works and sometimes doesn't on our enviroment, I think I found a bug...

In the opsi config editor, going to OpsiClient > Create a new opsi client.
Setting the new client and enable the "install by shutdown" flag and create the client I get the message:

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"2022-05-19  16:20:27.281 -- Opsi service error:  [BackendReferentialIntegrityError] Backend referential integrity error: ProductProperty with id 'on_shutdown_install' for product 'opsi-client-agent' not found"
The problem is reproducible both on the system we have in production and on the vm downloadable from

From what I remember the property on_shutdown_install had been removed and replaced with a property in the configuration server... also the "on" and "off" buttons on the individual client of the "Install By Shutdown" do not seem to work correctly.

Re: ProductProperty on_shutdown_install not found

Verfasst: 22 Jun 2022, 14:44
von n.doerrer

this is probably due to an old opsi-configed, which still tries to handle the on_shutdown functionality by the old method (property of opsi-client-agent).
Upgrading to a currently stable configed might fix this.

It is also possible to manually enable on_shutdown by creating corresponding configStates for specific clients: = True