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UCS App Member Support

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Dear opsi users,

we recommend using the member role on a UCS system. Unfortunately this was not supported in the Appcenter. The member role is preferred for opsi, as opsi itself should not run on a server with a domain controller role.

We are happy to announce that with the latest release ( the opsi UCS app now also supports the UCS role member. The UCS app contains our latest packages from the stable repository. These are now also updated more regularly. Here is the link to the Univention App Center: https://www.univention.de/produkte/univ ... alog/opsi/.

The installation of opsi via the App Center can be done with one click on Install. The app is currently available for UCS version 4.4. The release for UCS 5.0 is being worked on together with Univention.

After the installation you will find a link to the opsi admin page on the Univention portal.
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Here is the link to our getting started with further information on installation and configuration:
https://download.uib.de/opsi4.2/documen ... n-base-ucs

With kind regards
Fabian kalweit