IMPORTANT: Update of opsi-client-agent for opsi 4.1 in stable

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IMPORTANT: Update of opsi-client-agent for opsi 4.1 in stable

Beitragvon n.doerrer » 27 Nov 2020, 08:45

Dear opsi users,

We have released opsi-client-agent version for opsi 4.1 in stable.

IMPORTANT: This new stable version fixes a critical security vulnerability that existed in all versions prior to
We therefore ask all opsi users to deploy this new version in all environments as soon as possible.

The new opsi-client-agent also brings a whole range of innovations and bug fixes:

  • The working window is now processed correctly, even if it exceeds 0:00.
  • The action-/event- and shutdown notifiers are now started by default on the logon- and default desktop (all).
    Until now, the notifier was started by default only on the currently active user desktop (current), which sometimes meant that users did not see the notifier.
  • The opsiclientd can now update itself. This process can be triggered via RPC or a file upload.
  • The synchronization of packages and configurations in WAN/VPN-mode has been made more stable and fault-tolerant in many places.
  • The timeline willnow automatically update in the browser.
  • The startup time of the opsiclientd service has been greatly reduced.
  • The Windows 10 Bitlocker suspend feature (suspend_bitlocker_on_reboot) has been revised and stabilized.
  • Checking for a running Windows update process is now more reliable by using the WUAPI.
  • The opsiclientd binaries are now signed by uib GmbH.
  • Defective sqlite databases are automatically re-created.
  • The data types of *_warning_time and *_user_cancelable are now corrected automatically.