Urgent: Changes in opsipxeconfd might lead to unusable UEFI Netboot

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Urgent: Changes in opsipxeconfd might lead to unusable UEFI Netboot

Beitragvon m.radtke » 28 Sep 2020, 14:07

Dear opsi users,

in some opsi environments the current opsipxeconfd from stable might lead to an unusable UEFI Netboot.
This affects opsi environments in which the opsipxeconfd.conf remained untouched.

We decided to release the opsi UEFI Secureboot extensions bootloader (shim/grub) available to any user who bought the UEFI extension.
For this the default entry in the opsipxeconfd.conf for

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uefi netboot config template x64

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was changed to

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The path might be different on some RPM systems.

We wanted to have a correct UEFI netboot template on new opsi environments. The documentation on the new bootloaders has already been altered.

Unluckily this change also affect environments with an untouched opsipxeconfd.conf. In such environments the opsipxeconfd.conf gets replaced by the new one without confirmation. Therefore the bootloader doesn't match with the UEFI netboot template anymore and redners the UEFI netboot unusable.

The solution is the following:
Pleae change your DHCP boot filename for UEFI from

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The template the matches the bootloader and shall work again.

We apologize for not mentioning this change in earlier releases.

Kein Support per DM!
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