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opsi-configed hotfix

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Dear opsi users,

This hotfix fixes a critical error in opsi-configed. Under certain circumstances, all clients and depots were deleted from the database. This can no longer happen in the version released in stable.

There are also other small bug fixes:
- The exact products of the selected depots are now displayed in the product tree.
- Double-clicking on a product group now also allows you to select all the products it contains in the product tables.
- Removal of unnecessary RPC methods when changing depots when using an opsiconfd 4.2.

Packages for opsi 4.3 stable:

* opsi-configed https://changelog.opsi.org/Releases/4.3 ... ngelog.txt

== TOOL ==
* opsi-configed-portable https://changelog.opsi.org/Releases/4.3 ... ngelog.txt
* opsi-logviewer-portable https://changelog.opsi.org/Releases/4.3 ... ngelog.txt

Best regards,
Nils Otto