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Contribute to the documentation

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Dear opsi users,

We are currently revising our documentation, especially structurally.
In the course of this, the entire opsi documentation is now on
The PDF and HTML files on are still available.

Along with this, every user can now directly contribute to the documentation.
For this purpose, there is a Edit this Page link at the top right corner of

The link leads to, where the sources of the documentation are publicly accessible.
To make changes to the documentation yourself, you need to register at
After your account has been approved by us, you can start editing.

The Edit this Page link will take you directly to the correct document in the gitlab editor.
opsidoc-edit.png (71.88 KiB) 412 mal betrachtet
  • (1) Make your changes here.
  • (2) Add a meaningful commit message.
  • (3) A branch name is automatically assigned and a merge request is created.
  • (4) Click Commit changes to save your changes and create the merge request.
After we have checked the changes, they are transferred to the stable branch.

You can find detailed instructions in the README or on at "How to Contribute to opsi"

We look forward to active participation.