Automatic install of "opsi-client-agent" after cloning

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Automatic install of "opsi-client-agent" after cloning

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I have a problem to automatically reinstall the "opsi-client-agent" after cloning using "fog".

These is my method :
- I install a PC "master" with "opsi"
- I create the "fog" image
- I deploy it in multicast to all the PC
- "fog" automatically join the domain and executes a "snapin" to reinstall the "opsi-client-agent"

Until last year (we reinstall all students PCs every summer) it worked but now I have a problem :
- the "opsi-client-agent" display an error and it can't reach our server... but only at PC boot !
- if I run an "opsi-product" installation via the "opsi-configed" it works !
- so if I run the "opsi-client-agent" installation again via this interface... and that's fix my problem.
N.B. : I have upgrade Opsi from 4.1 to 4.2 since last year.

What am I doing wrong ?
For the "snapping" in fog I copy "/var/lib/opsi/depot/opsi-client-agent/" locally in the "master" image (in the directory C:\fog-opsi) and I create a fog "snappin" wich contains :

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@echo off
cd \fog-opsi
oca-installation-helper.exe --non-interactive
and the "install.conf" contains :

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client_id =
service_address =
service_username = our-user
service_password = our-user-password
interactive =
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Re: Automatic install of "opsi-client-agent" after cloning

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Hi can you verify when the snapin is executed? Is it possible, that windows hasn't started its networking stack?
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