Modifying Keyboard layout in BootCD

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Modifying Keyboard layout in BootCD

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I'm from Belgium and looking for a way to modify the OPSI 4.2 BootCD in such a way so we can use the Belgium keyboard layout : "be-latin1" and to pre-populate the user- and password needed to get the netboot product list.

We cannot use PXE-boot in our environment, so I am forced to modify the BootCD-ISO and boot the cliënts from a USB-stick.

I'm using the ISO "opsi4.2.0-client-boot-cd_20220525.iso"

I've done this modification in the past with OPSI 4.1 (by extracting miniroot-x64.bz2 and making some changes in "./etc/init.d/opsi" and "./usr/local/bin/"), but the OPSI 4.2 BootCD has a different structure so I can't reproduce these steps.

I've noticed that "miniroot-x64.bz2" is replaced by "miniroot-x64.zstd" and that "" is replaced by the - for me - non-editable file "master". So that's a dead end for me.

Also, As soon I extract and modify the "miniroot-x64.zstd" file', the BootCD cannot start the "Logging Service" anymore and becomes unusable.

So, is there anyway to pass-thru the Language and User-account settings by modifying for example "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" or can someone give me the proper commands needed to unpack "miniroot-x64.zstd" and the file "miniroot-x64" therein ?

thanks in advance for your answers
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Re: Modifying Keyboard layout in BootCD

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You should be able to add additional keyboard layouts in the grub.cfg of the iso without extracting the bootimage. Best thing is to dd it on a USB Stick and then edit the grub.cfg directly

to unpack the new bootimage use the following commands

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mv miniroot-x64.zstd miniroot-x64.zst
unzstd miniroot-x64.zst
cpio -idm < miniroot-x64
Do your changes
repack within a chroot environment:

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umount -lf sysfs
umount -lf devpts
umount -lf udev
umount -lf proc
find . | grep -va miniroot-x64.zstd | cpio -o -H newc | zstd -19 > miniroot-x64.zstd
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