Feedback wanted: ubuntu22-04 based opsi-linux-bootimage

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Feedback wanted: ubuntu22-04 based opsi-linux-bootimage

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Hi Folks,

ubuntu 22-04 is out for more than a month now.
We decided to test what is needed to change the opsi-linux-bootimage base from ubuntu 20-04 to 22-04.
Surprisingly not many changed had to be made to make it work.

We would like to hear your feedback on this specific bootimage.
One thing that directly came in sight was that the annoying messages during the hardware inventory weren't present anymore.

Firsts tests with Windows Linux, opsi-local-image-(prepare/backup/restore) and opsi-vhd-win10/11-x64 products were fine so far.

Feel free to test this one yourself ... mage_22-04

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