Updates 4.2 stable and testing

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Updates 4.2 stable and testing

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Dear opsi-users,

today we have released more packages for opsi 4.2 in testing and stable.

Until now it was not possible to test a computer in UEFI mode with the product memtest86. This problem is historical and is now solved with the product pcmemtest. Pcmemtest allows to test BIOS and UEFI machines for RAM problems.

We are releasing the first version of the product Ubuntu22-04. Unlike previous products, this netboot package now requires an ISO image to be placed in the product subfolder iso to complete the installation. Internally, the installer has changed, making this step necessary.

More and more devices use a feature called MAC passthrough to map an internal MAC address to an external ethernet device, e.g. a docking station.
Unfortunately this is not always implemented in the corresponding kernel drivers and this feature may not work in the opsi-linux-bootimage. For this there is now a new opsi-linux-bootimage.append parameter called macaddress=MACADRESS.
Here the macaddress from the parameter is spoofed to the existing network device and so a connection with the desired macaddress is established. If a connection existed on the network card before the spoofing, it will be kept and the macaddress will not be changed. The MAC spoofing only takes place if no IP address is assigned.

opsi-setup-detector (Windows, Linux and MacOS) contains several bug fixes, improvements regarding meta products, revised templates
and there is now (optional) the possibility to connect to the opsi web service to select dependent products via dropdown.

opsi-script (Windows, Linux and MacOS) includes improvements in the parser (e.g. ELSEIF instruction is now available, improvement regarding JSON syntax and opsiservicecall)
as well as new functions (e.g. handling of SSL certificates), improvements in the interactive GUI mode (opsi-logviewer is now started via the "View Log" button, Windows and Linux only) and bug fixes.

More information can be found in the changelogs and in the respective manuals.

New Packages in Testing:

Windows Localboot:

* opsi-client-agent

Linux Netboot:

* ubuntu
* ubuntu22-04
* sles12sp3/4/5

opsi Server:

* opsi-linux-bootimage 20220331-1
* opsiconfd
* opsi-utils
* opsipxeconfd

New Packages in Stable:

Windows Localboot:

* opsi-setup-detector
* opsi-script
* opsi-script-test

Linux Localboot:

* opsi-setup-detector
* opsi-script
* opsi-script-test

Macos Localboot:

* opsi-setup-detector
* opsi-script
* opsi-script-test

opsi-local-image Localboot:

* opsi-vhd-control

Windows Netboot:

* pcmemtest 1.4-1

Linux Netboot:

* ucs50
* pcmemtest 1.4-1

opsi-local-image Netboot

* opsi-vhd-win11-x64


* opsi-script

Best Regards,
Nils Dörrer


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sles12sp3/4/5 ( testing; urgency=low

  * added 01_lshw.sh postinst script

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de>Thu Mar 17 11:40:00 2022 +0200


opsi-vhd-win11-x64 ( testing; urgency=low

  * forked from opsi-vhd-win10-x64

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Mon Mar 28 11:00:00 2022 +0100


opsi-linux-bootimage (20220331-1) testing; urgency=low

  * new opsi-linux-bootimage.append parameter added for mac address spoofing to fix broken mac passthrough

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Thu, 31 Mar 2022 16:35:00 +0100

opsi-linux-bootimage (20220330-1) testing; urgency=low

  * kernel 5.17.1
  * adapted Microsoft docking station patch
  * added r8152 mac passthrough patch
  * removed Null Block driver support

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Wed, 30 Mar 2022 08:20:00 +0100


pcmemtest (1.4-1) testing

 * initial release

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Wed, 02 Sep 2021 15:55:00 +0200


ubuntu ( testing; urgency=low

  * added Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) debootstrap script

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Tue Apr 05 11:20:00 2022 +0100


ubuntu22-04 ( testing; urgency=low

  * first official release

 -- Mathias Radtke <m.radtke@uib.de> Fri, Mar 18 14:40:00 2022 +0200


opsi-vhd-control ( stable; urgency=low

  * adapt to change from winst to opsiscript

-- detlef oertel <d.oertel@uib.de>  Fr, 25 Mar 2022 15:00:00 +0000


opsi-setup-detector ( stable; urgency=low

   * update innounp.exe to 0.50
   * meta-product dependency: allow required action
   * win setup / uninstall templ: no importlib "uib_lin_install.opsiscript"
   * win 32+64: #@MinimumSpace3*# is the sum of both minimum spaces

-- Detlef Oertel <d.oertel@uib.de>  Fri,  25 Mar 2022 : 15:00:00 +0200

opsi-setup-detector ( stable; urgency=low

   * Modified templates
   * Optional connection to opsi web service
   * Possibility to choose dependency products via dropdown from opsi web service
   * Store connection data to service in configuration (pass encrypted)
   * Include the install/uinstall log fileles from installer to the opsi-script log
     on failed installations ; references: #4700
     Marker #@installErrorHandlingLines*# in templates
     installErrorHandlingLines.Add('includelog "%opsiLogDir%\"+$ProductId$+".install_log.txt" "50" "utf16le"');
   * fix edit productId field with arrow and backspace, fixes: #4698
   * fix edit propertyId always lowercase, fixes: #4699
   * checked is fixed: msi-Id with leading spaces, fixes: #4664
   * if no installer is detected new dialog to select well known installer type manually; fixes: #4701
   * new main task create meta product (contains dependencies, install nothing)
   * remove libraries: uib_macosinstalllib, uib_lin_install, uib_exitcode
   * requiredOpsiscriptVersion >= ""

-- Detlef Oertel <d.oertel@uib.de>  Wed,  24 Nov 2021 : 15:00:00 +0200


opsi-script ( stable; urgency=low

  * osparser: new global constant %opsiUsertmpDir%; implements #4496
  * osparser: allow json value syntax in params in opsiServiceCall:
    i.e. numeric/boolean values, arrays, objects and null without quotes; implements #4705
  * oscertificates: finalize function for linux /mac:
    function pemfileToSystemStore(filename: string): boolean;
    function removeCertFromSystemStore(labelstr: string): boolean;
    function listCertificatesFromSystemStore(): TStringList;
    function isCertInstalledInSystemStore(labelstr: string): boolean;
  * new function isCertInstalledInSystem(<label>): boolean; [WLM]
  * new function importCertToSystem(<filename>): noresult;  [WLM]
  * new function removeCertFromSystem(<label>): noresult;  [WLM]
  * new function listCertificatesFromSystem: stringlist;  [WLM]
  * new command ELSEIF <condition>  [WLM]
  * opsparser: implement elseif
  * opsparser: A more detailed description how the If / ELSE / ELSEIF / ENDIF parser works
  * interacticve GUI: Button "View Log" now shows the log in the opsi-logviewer [W/L]
  * killtask (fix): a process of another user can be killed if opsi-script is running as SYSTEM [W]
  * osnetworkcalculator: fixes at cidrToNetmask
  * osnetworkcalculator: new function netmaskToCidr(netmask: string): string;
  * new function cidrToNetmask(<string>): string;  [WLM]
  * new function netmaskToCidr(<string>): string;  [WLM]
  * osparser: new global constant %FQDN% for fqdn in network (not opsi service) context; implements #4554
  * osparser: fix occasionally access violation when using getReturnListFromSection/getOutStreamFromSection

-- d.oertel <d.oertel@uib.de> Tue, 01 Feb 2022 15:00


opsi-script-test ( stable; urgency=low

  * new property certificate_test
  * new if elseif test at Flag_winst_controls
  * networkcalc tests: test for netmaskToCidr / cidrToNetmask
  * opsiservicecall tests outsourced in subscript "opsiServiceCalls"
  * new subscript "opsiServiceCall_jsonSyntaxParams" added for json syntax in params of opsiservicecall
  * new standalone test "zip_unzip_file" for showing a progressbar while zipping/unzipping

-- detlef oertel <d.oertel@uib.de>  Mon,  07 Feb 2022 15:00:00 +0200


opsi-client-agent ( stable; urgency=low

  * Updated opsi-notifier to
  * Improved error handling in case of unreachable configserver
  * Updated opsiclientd to

-- Jan Schneider <j.schneider@uib.de> Fri, 01 Apr 2022 16:17:00 +0100


opsiconfd ( stable; urgency=medium

  * Improvement:  Update python packages

 -- uib GmbH <info@uib.de>  Thu, 07 Apr 2022 10:36:16 +0200


opsi-utils ( stable; urgency=medium

  * Improvement:  Update python packages

 -- uib GmbH <info@uib.de>  Thu, 07 Apr 2022 09:37:23 +0200

opsi-utils ( stable; urgency=medium

  * Improvement:  Update python packages

 -- uib GmbH <info@uib.de>  Mon, 28 Mar 2022 18:37:08 +0200


 opsipxeconfd ( stable; urgency=medium

  * Improvement:  Update python packages

 -- uib GmbH <info@uib.de>  Thu, 07 Apr 2022 10:19:14 +0200