UCS 5.0 packages in stable and UCS 5.0 app released

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UCS 5.0 packages in stable and UCS 5.0 app released

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Dear opsi users,

we are pleased to announce that with today's release we are releasing the UCS 5.0 packages for stabe and publishing our UCS 5.0 App.

The UCS App is now available in two versions, the already released version for UCS 4.4 and the new version for UCS 5.0. Both versions contain the same opsi-server packages and will be updated simultaneously in the future.

The app can be found in the Univention App Catalogue at: https://www.univention.de/produkte/univ ... talog/opsi.
The opsi installation can be started in the App Centre by clicking on Install.

After the installation, you will find a link to the opsi admin page in the Univention interface.

ucs-gui.png (65.2 KiB) 545 mal betrachtet

The admin page can be opened in a separate tab or within the Univention GUI.

Here is the link to our Getting-Started with further hints for installation and configuration: https://download.uib.de/opsi4.2/documen ... n-base-ucs

Kind regards
Fabian Kalweit