Cant install opsi agent

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Cant install opsi agent

Beitragvon Maksvell » 17 Jan 2018, 16:10


I have tried to use opsi at home and was fine I could install opsi agent.
Now I'm trying to install opsi (I'm using prepared VM) in on test platform in office and here I cant install opsi agent. I can access \\<opsiserver>\opsi_depot folder and start service_setup.cmd after command prompt start working and opsi asking login and password Adminuser and password. And that's all opsi installer do not respond then in command prompt I can see message that install completed press any key. All what I can find on pc its opsi folder in C:\.
In programme list, I don't see opsi agent.
Can someone take a look at log what is wrong?

Some logs from C:\\log

Here some new info, triying to instam on 1 more pc and getting this:

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Re: Cant install opsi agent

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i have moved this thread.

You get an Connection Timeout during the agent installation. You should check if opsiconfd process is running on Server. Can you call https://ip-from-server:4447 from a browser on this client?
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