re-initialize localboot products programmatically

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re-initialize localboot products programmatically

Beitragvon ritsovih » 07 Dez 2017, 14:03


via the configed you can right-click > "re-initialize localboot products", which I always want to do when running a particular netboot product.

is there a way to achieve this via a script? (opsi-script, a service call anything...)



just to clarify, I have a windows netboot product, that runs a localboot product after installation has finished using the setup_after_install property of the netboot product, the localboot product that runs after setup is basically a wrapper script, that installs various apps, updates windows, sets registry settings, configures/runs bitlocker and so forth. if I don't manually "re-initialize localboot products" first I can (and will) get conflicts.

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Re: re-initialize localboot products programmatically

Beitragvon n.wenselowski » 11 Dez 2017, 12:29


you can see all actions that a client (in this regard: configed is also a client :)) does in /var/log/opsi/opsiconfd/<ip of the client making>.log.
Do the actions you want to do there and then you can see what calls are made.
If this does not yet help you just answer here.

Kind regards


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import OPSI