Opsi Winst not installed on client

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Re: Opsi Winst not installed on client

Beitragvon djm79 » 31 Mai 2013, 14:40

I think that is from not having the paid for modules, I get this on all my client pc's.

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Re: Opsi Winst not installed on client

Beitragvon n.wenselowski » 03 Jun 2013, 13:45

Hello Zakyl,

to answer your original question:

Zakyl hat geschrieben:Is it a problem for the software deployment ? If yes, how can I do to deploy it again ? Did I need to deploy the "opsi-client-agent" again ?

It is not a problem for software deployment (as mentioned before by ueluekmen) if opsi-winst is not yet installed. An action request will update opsi-winst on the client to the latest version on the server automatically.

Zakyl hat geschrieben:I didn't find in the documentation the "Actionprocessor" process, can you explain to me please ?

I am sorry that it isn't so obvious in the documentation. The part you are looking for is opsi-winst in the manual.

Zakyl hat geschrieben:

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[4] [May 15 11:02:14] Failed to read opsi modules file '/etc/opsi/modules': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/etc/opsi/modules' (Backend.py|371)

This is nothing to worry about. If you buy one of the cofunded products you will get a modules-file that holds information about the modules you bought.

Did I already mention that uib offers wonderful support contracts? ;)

Kind regards

N. Wenselowski

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import OPSI