PHP interface?

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PHP interface?

Beitragvon wardenik » 09 Dez 2008, 15:36


Have you thought about replacing the configed interface with an PHP driven one?
I personally hate java (applets for web), too slow, it hangs the browser, blahblah..

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Re: PHP interface?

Beitragvon d.oertel » 09 Dez 2008, 16:13

Hi wardenik,

no, at the moment we don't thinking about this.
At the moment we are happy with the existing solution.
We had (before opsi 3.0) an java-serverpages based management interface,
but it was a more trouble than fun.
The existing performance problems of java applets in the Internet
doesn't affect the opsi-configed which is loaded in a fas LAN normally.
Yes, java starts slowly......
But it is much easier to integrate all the features in a Swing-GUI than a HTML-GUI.

By the way: There is a project (
which integrate opsi in a larger web based management interface.


detlef oertel
opsi support - uib gmbh

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