Multiple depots for OS installation only

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Multiple depots for OS installation only

Beitragvon ttblum » 16 Dez 2019, 16:08


I'm currently using opsi to install operating systems only, I don't use it to install any packages. I'm currently using opsi at one location only.

I'd like to start using opsi at several locations to automate OS installations. What would be the simplest way to set up opsi to synchronize 'var/lib/opsi/depot' across multiple locations? I don't need to synchronize any repositories, just the depot.

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Re: Multiple depots for OS installation only

Beitragvon ThomasT » 16 Dez 2019, 16:18

Imho the simplest option would be extracting the skeleton ( i assume win10-x64 ) OPSI-Packages via opsi-package-manager -x, then completing the extracted Package like you would complete the /var/lib/opsi/depot/PACKAGENAME Directory.
Repacking the opsi-package with opsi-makepackage
And installing it via opsi-package-manager -i -d all ...

You could also Install the skeleton package on all depots with opsi-package-manager -i -d all ...
Completing the Depot on one server, then rsyncing your folder with the remote folders on the other opsi-depot-servers
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