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Change default domain name

Verfasst: 01 Aug 2019, 23:07
von ttblum

We have changed to a different Windows domain.

Opsi is still showing the previous domain name as the suffix for all my clients. Is there any way to change the default domain name, at least for new clients going forward?

Re: Change default domain name

Verfasst: 05 Aug 2019, 11:41
von n.wenselowski

we do not enforce any specific domains so you can enter what you like (as long as it's valid).

If you are using configed you should find used domains in the corresponding dropdown when creating a new client. If your domain isn't already in there you can enter a new one.

Re: Change default domain name

Verfasst: 07 Aug 2019, 14:31
von ttblum
I see this section in /var/lib/opsi/config/config.ini :

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defaultvalues = [""]
description = saved domains for creating clients
editable = true
multivalue = true
possiblevalues = [""]
type = UnicodeConfig

What does that do?