Forticlient VPN install

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Forticlient VPN install

Beitragvon mhambrecht » 17 Mär 2020, 20:56

Not sure if this belongs here but I am trying to find out if any one has gotten Forticlient VPN to install via OPSI?

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Re: Forticlient VPN install

Beitragvon SisterOfMercy » 26 Mär 2020, 18:32

If you start the normal installer, it will create a msi file in the temp directory. Before stopping the installer copy the created FortiClientVPN.msi to a different location.

You can now use this msi with opsi.
To configure it, read this: ... ID=FD41348
I would recommend using the mst file, and use addlocal=all remove=feature1,feature2 where feature1 and feature2 are the features of the msi you do not want.
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