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opsi with Python 3

Verfasst: 24 Aug 2018, 12:18
von n.wenselowski
Hi everyone,

this week I wrote a small post about the progress we are making with running opsi on Python 3.

I tried to answer some questions already in this post but wonder if there are more.
Do you have any thoughts on the switch to Python 3?
Let me know!



Re: opsi with Python 3

Verfasst: 08 Nov 2019, 16:23
von skywalker
Seeing that no further updates regarding the change to Python3 in opsiconfd was published and Python 2 will reach EOL in ~50 days:

How is the progress in switching away from Python2?

Re: opsi with Python 3

Verfasst: 11 Nov 2019, 10:02
von n.wenselowski

you can read our journey towards Python 3 by reading the posts tagges as Python 3 in the blog.

Short summary:
  • opsi 4.2 will make the change from Python 2 to 3. We are keeping other changes to a minimum in order to being able to concentrate on the switch.
  • You can already test opsi 4.2 from the experimental 4.2 repos. I'd suggest also using the experimental repos for the opsi products when doing so.
  • Most tools on the server side already work. Additional features that the opsiconfd provided in the past still have to be implemented but basic functionality exists.
  • Not all client components have already been ported to a version that is fully compatible (most of this is updating the handling of the HTTP communication).

I'm happy to answer further questions!