package builder offline

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package builder offline

Beitragvon smallengineguy2014 » 20 Okt 2019, 12:39

i have a opsi server on a address of and have tried many different settings to get this package builder that you support online with my server and still have issues

have smb:// as the config server

the right user name and password

i can putty in and out on that user and password and it is the same that i use for manger so it has the right rights

so i have 2 questions what am i doing wrong and where is a good how to on this product

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Re: package builder offline

Beitragvon pandel » 22 Okt 2019, 13:12

Hi smallengineguy2014!

Sorry for the late reply. I don't have any quick start videos at the moment, but it should be fairly clear what to do.
Have a look at the following pictures:

Set your server connection like this on the first page:

On the second page, if there is NO check mark where it says "Use existing network drive" oPB tries to mount the "opsi_workbench" share itself during start up, or, if you check the box, you have to mount the workbench yourself during user logon

Dont' forget, you have to use oPB as Administrator!

If it still doesn't work, you can change the logging configuration on the "Messages and Logging" settings page to DEBUG and "Always write log file", restart oPB and send me the log file via PN. I'll then try to find the problem...