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Feature idea: package metadata

Verfasst: 16 Dez 2016, 15:32
von n.wenselowski
Hallo everyone,

during the work on the next release we got the idea that it could be a good idea to save package metadata into a separate file during opsi-makeproductfile.

We want to make the metadata avialable bevor the download of the files.
One of the tools that should then be able to display the data is opsi-product-updater.
But of course this could be a chance for repository maintainers to displays information or let users search through the data to.

For now want to save the following data for a package:
  • Software name
  • Software description
  • Software version
  • Product id
  • Package version
  • Dependencies
  • Product maintainer (name and e-mail)
  • Size of the package

Is there any interest to also have properties and changelog of a product in there?

The current idea is that running opsi-makeproductfile with a special switch creates a .meta-file as it is now already done with .md5 or .zsync.
The .meta file holds the data in JSON format.

What is the community thinking about this? What to repository maintainers think?

With kind regards