Transifex Translation reviewer

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Transifex Translation reviewer

Beitragvon bobzbobz » 11 Feb 2020, 14:05


Is OPSI still using Transifex as the platform for translations?
I am translating the danish language along with another guy, but we don't have any reviewers for approving the strings.
I have written to Niko who is listed as "Coordinator", but he replied that he is no longer involved with OPSI.

If you need a volunteer, then I would be happy to do it, so that we can get the translations "live and running".
I have previously translated projects such as ownCloud, EMBY, KODI, Steam etc.

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Re: Transifex Translation reviewer

Beitragvon r.roeder » 23 Mär 2020, 21:54


opsi is partially using Transifex for localizing purposes, but in the moment not for the main adminstration tool, the opsi configed. This has the reason that the program is built with a lot of relatively large forms, and there the meaning and usage of terms is significantly context dependent which cannot be grasped via word lists.

If you are interestend in translating the configed to Danish this will be appreciated. Please write to, and we will send you a guideline how to proceed. It is not a very complicated task but of course rather a big one. You could start with a Danish transiation which had been built by an opsi user several years before and is obsolete now.

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