hwinvent and drivers

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hwinvent and drivers

Beitragvon SisterOfMercy » 12 Mai 2019, 02:21

I find that for laptops I have to use the additional/byAudit directory more and more. Can't we somehow expand hwinvent and let the driver integration take care of these devices?

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ACPI\HPQ6007 HP Accelerometer
*INT3401, *INT3402, *INT3403 (etc etc) Intel DPTF (dynamic platform thermal framework)
BTHENUM\{747413E4-F767-414f-A0C1-6CC1AA9D054C}   bluetooth audio thingy
*TOS1900 Toshiba "ACPI-Compliant Value Added Logical and General Purpose Device"
ACPI\LEN0268 (and loads more) Lenovo power management thingy
ACPI\ATK0110 Asus ACPI device

Or am I the only one who has problems with these things?
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