opsi 4.1: Release in testing

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opsi 4.1: Release in testing

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Dear opsi users,

we are pleased to announce the availability of opsi 4.1 packages for testing purposes!

This is the first release in the opsi 4.1 series.
It brings many changes to the opsi server side and will become the base for further development.

Main aspects of this release are:
  • New tftpd: opsi-tftp-hpa
  • New tool: opsi-package-updater
  • Path to the workbench can now be configured
  • opsi-makeproductfile has been renamed to opsi-makepackage
  • opsi-depotserver has been renamed to opsi-server
  • Python version 2.7 required
  • systemd as the sole supported init system
Further information about the changes can be found in the release notes.
The Release Notes contain a migration guide.
The Getting Started and Manual have been updated as well.

Documentation: We are very interested in feedback for this release!

With kind regards

Niko Wenselowski

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import OPSI