opsi 4.0.7 in stable

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opsi 4.0.7 in stable

Beitragvon ueluekmen » 29 Aug 2016, 14:52

Dear opsi-users,

We hereby publish the the new release 4.0.7 opsi as stable.

The Highlights of this Release are:

* Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) support
* New opsi bootimage
* Extended Linux support with new opsi-linux netboot products, a new client-agent with 15 free starts and some mor features.
* Focusing opsi also as tool for configuration management and for general automatisation in the context of 'continous integration' processes in heterogenous environments (Windows / Linux)
* New opsi-client-agent with new client for the kiosk mode
* Security Upgrade of SSL libraries to 1.0.2h

The opsi Service Release 4.0.7 comes with a whole bunch of new features and improvements.

Here is a summary:

* New opsi-bootimage
** Uses Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 as base
** Kernel 4.4.11

* opsi-server packages now also for:
** Ubuntu 16.04
** sles11sp4
** sles12sp1

* opsi-configed:
** Scheduler for WakeOnLan integrated
** WakeOnLan dispatches calls to (clients of) depotservers
** Passwords in properties are now hidden
** Selection list for config server on logon
** New main menu entry "windows"
** Extended search function
** Expanded functions for groups in the tree view component
** Several bug fixes

* opsi-client-agent: +
** Neuer opsiclientd
** New Client for the Kioskmode

* opsi-winst / opsi-script ( with a lot of new functions

* Installation sequence (sort algorithm 1) fixed

* opsi-linux-support:
** New opsi-linux-client-agent (with 15 free starts)
** debian8 product that may use a local http repository
** ubunt16-04 product that may use a local http repository
** Possibility to provide local http repositories for Linux OS installations
** Server package `opsi-linux-support` now provides the base infrastructure for these local http repositories
** Product l-opsi-server which installs a new opsi-server (for a new depot or test system)

* opsi-clonezilla:
** new version
** property: 'runcommand' is working again with value 'ocs-live'
** UEFI Support

* opsi-logviewer:
** The tool developed by uib opsi-logviewer now opens also compress Files.
** The product opsi-logviewer it is also compatible with Linux.
** The new dependency to Javavm (before start) makes sure that the Logviewer starts correctly.

* Miscellaneous
** There is a new configuration file for the Hardware inventory.
With the same it's possible, to request Data on the physical and
logical cores of a system.
** When using the option 'resolveHostAddress' at the backends HostControl and HostControlSafe +
and a failed attempt to resolv the name resolution occurs, a previously stored IP address can be used eventually.
** Numerous improvements and features in the Python-opsi library

Please take a look at the detailed description and upgrade instructions in the
Release Notes:

You can find a video with an overview over opsi-v407 here:

You can find the packages below:

Documentation can be found here:

As always, kind regards

The UIB opsi Team
opsi support - uib gmbh
For productive opsi installations we recommend support contracts.

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Re: opsi 4.0.7 in stable

Beitragvon mirkt » 30 Aug 2016, 15:03

Thank you! :)