Proof of concept and design: new opsi kiosk client

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Proof of concept and design: new opsi kiosk client

Beitragvon d.oertel » 03 Mai 2016, 19:19

Hello to all,

we are just working on a new opsi-kiosk-client.
It is a small application 'opsiclientkiosk.exe' which will be later integrated to the opsi-client-agent.
The application is not finished now, but can be tested under some special conditions:

Download the zip file:
Unzip it anywhere on a 64 Bit Windows with an opsi-client-agent on it.
Start the 'opsiclientkiosk.exe' as Administrator.

The start as Administrator is needed to collect the credentials for the web service communication.
In the final product every normal user will be able to use this application.
The application supports multiple kiosk product groups.

We will be happy on remarks, suggestions, ....

detlef oertel
opsi support - uib gmbh

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