Approval of opsi 4.2 as testing

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Approval of opsi 4.2 as testing

Beitragvon rico » 15 Mär 2021, 14:03

Dear opsi users,

We are thrilled to announce Opsi 4.2 test release is officially available, after more than a year of development.

opsi 4.2 upgrades include:

  • Shift to Python 3
  • opsi distributes all Python applications as executable binary files
  • python-opsi interpreter for your own scripts
  • opsi server:
    • Complete overhaul of opsiconfd with focus on performance and scalability
    • You can run opsiconfd in a Docker container
    • Redis Server dependency > = 5 including the RedisTimeSeries module
    • Employing Grafana for performance data visualization
    • New default ACLs for API access

The new opsiclientd of 4.2 was pre-released on version 4.1 and is stable.

We are glad to announce all the usual distributions made it through our internal testing release pipeline. This means opsi 4.2 is available on all distributions from the start. Although not initially planned, opsi 4.2 includes support for Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian 9. Such inclusion should simplify the transition for many installations.

The following items are in the works and will be delivered with the stable version:

-> A new opsi-VM release is ongoing. Updates underway.
-> We did not publish the opsi 4.2 source code. We are migrating internal git repositories. When this process completes we will synchronize the code on GitHub.
-> Univention App Center Support: opsi 4.2 is available for Univention UCS 4.4. App center availability underway.
-> We are still continuously updating Documentation and release notes until stable release.

We are preparing the opsi 4.2 stable repositories. If you migrated to opsi 4.2, we recommend you use only stable repositories after we release the opsi 4.2 stable.

For detailed information about opsi 4.2 including migration instructions and changelogs, please see the following release notes:

opsi 4.2 documentation is available at:

We hope you are delighted with the new opsi 4.2 version and hope your experience will be just as positive as our newly migrated pilot customers. As always, we are open and grateful for any feedback.

Many greetings from Mainz
Your opsi team

opsi support - uib gmbh
For productive opsi installations we recommend support contracts.