opsi-setup-detector prototype (1. Update)

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opsi-setup-detector prototype (1. Update)

Beitragvon d.oertel » 06 Nov 2018, 21:36

(1. Update)
Of course there where some serious problems in the first package (in the installer as well in the program).
Here is the first fix:

Dear opsi-users,

I just finished the prototype of the new opsi-setup-detector.

The new version was build with the goal to make it easier to integrate more installers.
Therefore not only the internal data structures were changed but also the GUI.

The existing prototype should be used to explore which fundamental design problems are
found and what are the whishes for changes and extensions.

To make it easy to start with the tests, there is a opsi-package with the prototype:

This package do not over write the existing 'opsi-setup-detector'
and may be installed together with the old version on the same client.

Please notice:
Like the old version the new opsi-setup-detector may call the opsi-package-builder
To enable this Feature you have to give the path to the opsi-package-builder
in the configuration dialog.
At the configuration you may also store your user specific extensions of the scripts:

The new version also has a Linux Version.
The above mentioned opsi-package installs at Windows and at Linux as well.
Restrictions of the Linux version:
* 64 Bit only
* Running at Gnome you may see a double response on single key strokes.
A solution for this problem is described over here:
* Msi Files may me deeper analyzed using the msitools. But this is not implemented right now.
* Setups from type Inno are detected but the deeper analyze needs a Linux version of the innounp.exe, which is not existing.

What is missing:
* The translations
* Detection of new installers
* The documentation
* The online help
* Many cosmetic fixes in the detail
* ....

But before I start to make the final version,
I would like to give all interested users the possibility
to test the prototype and tell me about ideas, problems and whishes.

I am not in the office until beginning of December.

So if you like meanwhile you have time to test the prototype.

Any comments pleas post as answer to this (english) post or to the german post

If you have Ideas for new installers with examples or other statements with larger attachments
you may also send me an email to d.oertel(at)uib.de ,
so it is easier for me to come back to you.

After my holidays I will try to integrate your ideas to the final product.

Happy testing.

detlef oertel
opsi support - uib gmbh

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