Hotfix opsi-configed

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Hotfix opsi-configed

Beitragvon r.roeder » 04 Sep 2018, 13:34

Dear opsi user,

the last edition of the opsi-configed package erroneusly had an empty default value for the property memory_requirement.
If the opsi-configed is installed with this value a start link will be produced that does not work.

Therefore we release an urgent update. The new released package is opsi-configed_4.

Please get the package e.g. via a direct download from ... 8.1-2.opsi

and install it on your server(s) using the option to renew the default value:

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opsi-package-manager  --properties package

Or set in the opsi-configed tab product defaultproperties (active for depots) the value of property memory_requirement to some other (big enought) value than empty


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opsi-configed ( STABLE; urgency=medium

  * fixed that default value for memory requirement had gone empty

 -- roeder <>  Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:44:52 +0200

opsi-configed ( EXPERIMENTAL; urgency=medium

  * strg-c in host data fields is not interpreted as data change
  * corrected labelling of host field in selection dialog
  * new parameter %hostname% for remote control calls (first part of fqdn)

 -- roeder <>  Fri, 10 Aug 2018 16:44:52 +0200
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